Sometimes the road less traveled
Is the only road to travel

Deeply rooted in the traditions of law and white-collar suburbia, Charlie Finstune is bound to follow in his family’s footsteps and attend Harvard Law School in the fall. But upon the death of his Uncle Roy—a little known member of the family and the owner of a small town café in Bullpen, Minnesota, Charlie decides to take a year off and run his uncle’s café and blog about his experiences, hoping to see for himself what life is like on the other side of the tracks.

With help from the Small Business Administration, Charlie is determined to franchise the Bullpen Café into a new ‘retro’ restaurant, make millions and retire early. But he quickly comes to realize how much the small town and all its interesting characters had loved his uncle and want the same old café they have had for years.

So who was his uncle? And why had he chosen to give up on a promising law career of his own to run a small town café? Charlie Finstune, whether he knows it or not…is about to find out.