He saved her life…
then she helped him find his

For her 9th birthday, little Amy McGuire received her one and only wish: a puppy. Molly is an energetic and inquisitive little golden retriever that has become the pride of her life and follows her everywhere. When the McGuires get ready for their family vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota in their RV in August, Molly is given her own kennel; and when the McGuires stop at Wall Drug in route to the Black Hills, Molly is given her own pink collar that bears her name.

Meanwhile, Joe Watts, a 52 year old charismatic, but self centered welder in Lincoln, Nebraska, is the head of a motorcycle gang called the Pistons that travel to Sturgis, South Dakota, for the annual biker rally. This trip will prove to be the most challenging as their rival Gang—the Jacks—will be out for blood having lost their fight against the Pistons last year. After arriving in Sturgis and setting up their campsite, Joe and his gang take their annual ride to the nearby Black Hills, and then decide to take a break at one of the scenic parks with a nearby fast flowing river. Meanwhile, upstream camp the McGuires; and when Molly breaks loose from her kennel, she goes exploring near the river then slips and falls and gets swept downstream. When Joe, standing in the river down stream, sees her struggling to stay alive, he risks his life to pull her from the fast flowing waters.

With only a pink collar that bears her name from Wall Drug, Molly is the belle of the ball and the main attraction among the gang, pulling out even the most gentle and child like behavior from the rough, bearded members. After their disastrous rumble with the Jacks—ruined by the sweet presence of a puppy that made it hard for even the toughest rival gang members to fight—Joe sees a little girl holding her dog on the streets of Sturgis and it reminds him of his own daughter whom he has not seen in years. As a child, she had lost her dog and had asked him to help her find it. Uncaring and too busy with his own life at the time, he had denied her request. Now, upon reflection, he decides to find Molly’s owner in an attempt to do something he should have done years ago with his own daughter.

Having clues to her owner’s whereabouts from the cashier at Wall Drug and with the help of his want-to-be detective-friend back home—Joe finally locates the McGuire’s RV and puts the dog inside and walks away. When Amy hears Molly barking, she rushes out to find her. Seeing Joe about to leave on his motorcycle, she asks him if he is the one who found her dog. ‘Yes,’ he replies. After the McGuire family comes out to thank him, Joe goes on another search—only this time to find and make restitution with his daughter…Two years later, the McGuires show up at Joe’s trailer home in Nebraska in their RV with one of Molly’s puppies.