The Production Funding

Lighthouse Feature Films seeks donors whose net worth is over 10 million dollars—individuals who see the need for and understand the power of films and how they can influence and change not only individuals, but also society as Charles Dickens stories had done by bringing about social reform in England during the 19th Century.

Donors can choose to donate to any one of our nine films or they can simply donate to Lighthouse Feature Films without any preference as to what film their donation is applied towards. Donors may also wish to bring to the table their own ideas about other stories. The cost for the production, distribution and printing and advertising (P&A) for each film is 10 million dollars and is made up of 10 blocks at one million dollars per block. Donors can give as many blocks as they desire up to 10 per film. A donor who sponsors an entire film for 10 blocks (10 million dollars) can designate as many charities or non-profit organizations they so choose as the recipient(s) from the proceeds of that film.

For donors giving less than 10 blocks (a portion of the film’s funding), all that is required is a Letter of Intent that serves as an informal pledge stating that if another donor or donors provide the rest of the 10 blocks needed to complete the funding of a particular film, then they will release their donation for the number of blocks(s) they pledged to donate in order to complete the full funding of the film. The time frame to raise money for any one particular film is eight months; and if less than 10 million is raised in that eight month period, then donors will decide if they want to apply that committed donation to another film, produce the film in questions for less then 10 million, or withdraw their commitment.

Since donors are donating money to the production of such films, all the money generated by the distribution of that film is considered revenue (profit) apart from any other additional expenses such as:

1) An agreement to pay for bigger name talent on the “back end” (additional compensation paid to a particular talent from the revenue generated by the film itself)

2) Additional costs associated with distribution and promotion of the film.

Revenues from fully funded films that generate 10 million or more will be first distributed to each charity or non profit organization(s) that are designated by the donor(s) on their behalf based on the percentage of each donors donation to the production of the film. Revenues above 10 million dollars generated from such films will then be allocated towards other films projects that have already been partially funded by existing donors. If no existing films are partially funded, then that money will sit in escrow and will be applied to the next partially funded film until it is fully funded.

Revenues from fully funded films that generate less than 10 million dollars will be given to each charity or non-profit organization designated by each donor in the percentage amount of each donor’s respective donation to such film.

Donations of less than one million dollars will also be earmarked for the donor’s charity of choice and given on behalf of each donor from monies generated by a specific film in the percentage amount of each donor’s respective donation to such film.