It took a child
To melt his heart

Jacques Bouchard was NHL’s bad boy whose reputation for fighting on the ice was preceded only by his reputation for fighting and chasing women off the ice. Recently acquired by the Minnesota Grizzlies—the newest team in the start up professional hockey league called the FHL (Federated Hockey League), Jacques is brought in to bolster ticket sales and help spur the sluggish team on to a playoff spot in the Central Division. Voicetress, arrogant, obnoxious and sexist, Jacques finds himself in the courtroom only days after his arrival for pushing a female traffic officer with his car in the congested downtown St Paul traffic. Sentenced to community service at the Children’s Hospital, he meets Peter—an astute, four-year-old child who is dying of cancer. When he first meets Peter, the sensitive little boy points at Jacques and says “Owie?” Thinking the little boy refers to the stitches above his eye, Jacques says yes. But Peter isn’t pointing at Jacques’ eye. He is pointing at Jacques’ heart.

Over time, the vulnerable and helpless little boy begins to melt the ice-cold heart of a once abandoned orphan who has fought all his life for survival, turning him into the real man and great finesse player he really is.